Louie Louie, da da da da da! Play that guitar!

Rock & Roll made the guitar super popular. One of the most popular songs was “Louie Louie” written and recorded by Richard Berry in 1955. It became a huge hit in 1963 when ┬áthe Kingsmen recorded it. Lots of guitars! Helped to make the guitar a big deal.

There was another long haired Louis who did the same thing for the guitar, oh, about 400 years ago. Louis XIV was king of France, and the most powerful monarch in Europe. He also loved to play the guitar, which made everybody else want to play the guitar. The court of “The Sun King” at Versailles influenced everybody. The nobility and royalty of Europe started speaking French, dressing French, and eating French. And, playing the guitar. The “kingly” guitar was popular all over Europe. Since Louis XIV played the guitar, the king of England started too. So did the kings of Spain and Germany. Their families took guitar lessons, their upper class and noble friends, etc etc. It was a guitar craze that lasted until the later 1700s. Had to wait until the 1950s for it to come back again. Crazy.